Thanksgiving Recipes

November 22nd, 2009 by katie

Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s that time y’all!  Here is a list of Thanksgiving recipes on citk that can help round out your meal, and a few tips to make your day go a bit smoother. 


  • Caramelized Pear and Blue Cheese Salad -This is an easy and impressive salad to put together.  Mix up the dressing ahead of time and combine greens, onions, pecans, and blue cheese in a serving bowl the day before and refrigerate.  Thursday morning, set the dressing on the counter to warm up.  When ready to serve, caramelize your pears quickly in a hot skillet, toss greens mixture with dressing and serve.
  • Onion Dip -A great choice for anyone asked to bring a snack for guests to nibble on during dinner preparations.  Mix it up at home and it will be ready to serve by the time you reach your destination. 
  • Prosciutto and Cheese Wrapped Figs -We can still get fresh figs in Texas and if you can get them this makes a nice fancy appetizer for party guests. 
  • Spinach Dip -Another quick, cold dip.  This is a great one to prepare alongside a vegetable crudité platter.


  • Creamed Corn -I love creamed corn.  We usually heat up frozen corn as an additional vegetable side, but this creamed corn is rich and delicious.  Prepare on the stove top while the turkey is resting. 
  • Creamed Spinach -Another great vegetable side that’s quick to prepare while the turkey rests.  Thaw a box of frozen spinach and squeeze dry to make this one super fast.  
  • Cranberry Sauce -Cranberry sauce is so easy to make there really is no excuse.  It can also be made several days ahead, just don’t forget to pull it out of the fridge Thursday morning!
  • Broccoli Cheese Rice Casserole -Mix this one up the day before and refrigerate.  On Thursday, set it on the counter to warm up while the turkey is in the oven.  Once the turkey is out and resting, this one can take a spot on the bottom rack next to the dressing.
  • Caramelized Butternut Squash -A good alternative to sweet potatoes, these roast on the top rack while the casseroles are heating up.  Chop your squash the day before and refrigerate in a large mixing bowl.  Just dump your sugar and butter in the bowl, toss, and spread out on a baking sheet when ready to roast.
  • Twice Baked Potato Casserole -Because you can’t have too many cheesy starches at Thanksgiving.  A good one for those who don’t have traditional mashed potatoes (or make a large pot of mashed potatoes and split in half to have both). 

The Turkey

  • Fried Turkey -Free up your oven and cook your turkey in an hour rather than waiting around all day. 
  • Smoked Turkey -Try something different this year (and free up your oven)!


  • Blueberry Pie -Use economical frozen blueberries and mix up the pie ahead of time.  Can be baked the day before and set out at room temperature or made up and refrigerated and baked after dinner. 
  • Chocolate Pie -Make the day before and refrigerate. Try it with an Oreo cookie crust! Make fresh whipped cream for topping before serving.
  • Lemon Meringue Pie -Make the day before and refrigerate.
  • Secret Family Recipe Cheesecake -Make the day before and refrigerate.


  • Cream Soup Substitute -Make ahead of time to use in your casseroles.
  • Chicken or Turkey Stock -Make ahead to have turkey stock on hand for stuffing and gravy, especially if you are smoking or frying your turkey.  Definitely make it after dinner with your carcass for the next week’s turkey noodle soup, etc…
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  1. Carrie

    That caramelized butternut squash sounds tasty, but sweet potatoes are still a Thanksgiving must wherever I am.

  2. Karen

    The chocolate pie looks delicious!

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