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June 12th, 2009 by katie

The colors, man.  The colors.

Score one for trying something new.  I don’t like Indian food.  You know, sort of how I don’t like curry?  Or how I am only lukewarm about chicken salad?  Here’s a good one, don’t forget: I hate beans.  Yeah, I am the poster child for not liking foods I have never really eaten.  I have been trying to change that mentality by trying new things and branching out of our comfort zone a bit.  I really enjoy the Pioneer Woman Cooks! because the food feels familiar and I can look at the recipes and know if we will like them.  So when one of Ree’s guest posters, Pastor Ryan, posted a recipe for Tikka Masala, I didn’t quite know what to think.  This was was different food, un-familiar food, food I wouldn’t like.  As I scrolled through the photos I noticed something.  Chicken, yogurt, onions, garlic, tomatoes, heavy cream, cilantro, so um, where was the food I didn’t like?  There were spices involved, but nothing I didn’t have in my spice cabinet.  I made Ryan’s recipe for Garam Masala and honestly couldn’t even taste the spices in the final dish.  I know they were there, subtly contributing to the layers of flavor, but there was no overwhelming spice to offend.

This dish was delicious; definitely a hearty meal.  I substituted half and half for the heavy cream and reduced the garam masala recipe by a third (teaspoons instead of tablespoons-which was the perfect amount called for in the recipe without any left over).  My rice came out of the rice cooker a little mushy but that could be a difference in machines.  This is a dish I will make again, especially in the fall when hot, hearty comfort food is really needed.  My only warning is that it is a bit of a gateway drug.  Now I can’t wait to get my hands on a good butter chicken or saag paneer recipe.

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8 Responses

  1. Happy Cook

    I love chicken tikka masal and this looks really yummy yumm delicious.

  2. bergamot

    Chicken Tikka/ Chicken Tikka masala is a favourite food here. What you cooked looks really good 🙂

  3. Robin Sue

    Thanks for the idea for freezing the sliders! I figured we probably could but we ate the entire pan right away- little piggies that we are. So I will have to do “just a freezer” batch for the kids’ snacks and do it the way you said and wrap them individually and freeze. Thanks! I am new to Indian food and finding I like most of the dishes as long as they are not too hot. Enjoy your weekend Katie!

  4. Yesica N. Cook

    Thanks so much for passing along this recipe, made it last night and it was great. Followed your tip re half-and-half too – thanks!

  5. Melissa

    Good for you!! And I saw this dish too… and sidestepped it because I “don’t really like” Indian food. Ahem. Perhaps I should try it again. 😉

  6. sweetbird

    I could live on Indian food alone…

    I really need to stop reading your blog before breakfast or my husband’s going to wonder why we’re eating chicken tikka masala instead of pancakes…

  7. Sol

    hey, if you’ve got a new hankering to try other indian dishes, but don’t really want to take a lot of time, try the kitchens of india curry pastes.

    No, i dont work for them. I made their lamb curry the other day, unbelievably good and authentic (i’ve been to india and eat the food all the time).

    try it with a little light coconut milk in place of half of the water recommended. I think i spent $5 on cheapo bone-in lamb shoulder, the curry paste is around $2 depending on where you get it, and coconut milk is another $1. crazy good. cook it for an hour at least (they recommend 45mins) and reduce down the sauce a little so it isn’t so watery.

    check on amazon for kitchens of india…totally worth it.

  8. Paul B Johnson

    I’ve got to try this , love Indian food !

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