Blogging the Recession: Breakfast for dinner

April 23rd, 2009 by katie

Sorry about my prolonged absence this week.  My intention was to switch to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule.  Unfortunately my air conditioner has been broken and it is beginning to get hot enough here in Texas that I haven’t felt like cooking when its 85°F in the kitchen.  So here is a tip, sans recipe.

Breakfast for dinner is such a great solution but one I often forget about when trying to plan meals.  First, it makes the kids really happy.  They love both the weirdness of eating breakfast foods at dinner time and the fun and comfort of foods like scrambled eggs and pancakes.  Breakfast for dinner is also a great choice in a dinner Emergency.  You know, that night you get home too late to defrost the chicken or can’t figure out how to fit a meal in between homework and soccer practice.  It is quick to make and you usually have the ingredients in your pantry.  Of course the best part is that breakfast for dinner is cheap!  Again, eggs are a great inexpensive protein source and this is another way to make them that isn’t a quiche.

Breakfast For Dinner on chaos in the kitchen:

Another tip:  almost any breakfast food lends itself really well to being made ahead or frozen.  So if you aren’t in a rush make extra pancakes, waffles, or french toast and freeze them.  They toast up from frozen just like fresh.

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17 Responses

  1. noble pig

    I always love eggs for dinner, it’s easy and a great thing to eat.

  2. Jess

    A woman after my own heart! I love breakfast for dinner! Brinner really!! Although I am single and not a great cook so it’s usually toast for me!

  3. Jill

    Hey! We’re having breakfast for dinner tonight! Overnight raised waffles, sausage and sliced strawberries. yum. We have breakfast for dinner a lot, partly because it is cheap and partly because me have a lot of eggs from our chickens and breakfast, as you point out, is a great way to use up eggs.

    I’m also making a double batch of waffles so we can have some in the freezer – just like you suggested!

  4. Melissa

    Last night I made eggs for Steve and egg salad for me. Eggs are definitely a cheap and easy solution. And tasty too.

    And actually, there’s a breakfast strata I’ve been dying to try and I was going to do it for a dinner rather than a breakfast.

    Sorry about the AC, particularly in Texas and particularly in the humid Houston area. NO FUN.

  5. DeelishDish

    My parents were pretty broke when I was a kid and we ate eggs with ketchup in a tortilla a couple times a week for dinner. They made it fun breakfast night and I still love having it. Cereal and pancakes work well too 🙂

  6. Michele

    I love breakfast for dinner! My Great Grandfather started the tradition of having breakfast for dinner when he and my Great Grandmother first got married. Every member of my family grew up with and has continued this tradition. He used to make pancakes and eggs and bacon every Monday night for dinner. While I don’t make it as often, we still enjoy eggs, pork roll and hard rolls for dinner at least twice a month. The pork roll has been a new addition to breakfast since I fell in love with a Jersey Boy. 🙂

  7. sweetbird

    Breakfast for dinner can be good, as long as it’s savory. I’m not a fan of most breakfast foods because they’re loaded with sugar.

    Also, I see you’ve finally been bitten by the Foodbuzz bug. Hopefully you get into trying all the tasty treats they sound out, it’s quite fun.

    Also again, that paper idea is quite fun to work with. If you have access to the LexisNexis Academic database it’s got some great sources for citation. It’s such a new topic that there’s few peer reviewed journals that have published on it, so the biggest resource is newspapers and magazine articles.

  8. Nancy

    Breakfast is my favorite meal and with a busy life, I rarely have time to make a big breakfast in the a.m. so I do it for dinner instead. At least once a week. My husband grew up in a family that never did this so the first time I suggested it, he thought it was the weirdest thing ever. Trust me, he’s since been converted!

  9. EB

    Oh the joy of dinner waffles…. sigh….

  10. Wendy

    Love breakfast for dinner! Thanks so much for the idea for poached eggs in the microwave! I couldn’t wait, I went right in the kitchen and tried it, what a great late night snack! Yummmmmm It worked perfectly!

  11. Kevin

    Breakfast for dinner is always a nice way to change things up!

  12. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    My son always asks for Breakfast for Dinner… especially when it’s just the two of us fending for ourselves. Ours often looks like frozen waffles w/ a couple of fried eggs though. Guess I should get more creative 🙂

  13. krysta

    here, here… my favorite! any time breakfast is for dinner is a good day.

  14. Lindsay

    We call it Brinner, and it is one of Kai’s favorite meals.

  15. TheRoosterChick

    This is “Upside Down Night” for our gang. Always a winner!

  16. JerseyRED

    As many have mentioned before, breakfast dinner is always a winner.
    But in the Northern “climes” (ok, Jersey isn’t really “Northern” but 36F in the morning in Oct is COLD) breakfast for dinner is the ultimate comfort food!

  17. ezcoach

    just found your website when I was surfing for tips on microwaving eggs; I have the tool but couldn’t find the instructions 🙁

    your web looks great, as fresh as your recipes-power to your cooking!

    ez :O)

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