Beyond Merlot: Wine Reviews for Newbies

June 2nd, 2008 by katie

I am not a wine expert. I am not even sure I am a wine intermediate. I do enjoy wine and it has developed into something of a hobby of mine. It has taken many years and many leaps of faith to get to a point where I feel some confidence when picking a bottle of wine. However, with every bottle, honestly, it is still a crap shoot. In Beyond Merlot: Wine Reviews for Newbies, I will endeavor to steer you towards some sure bets, because at $10-$20 a bottle it really sucks when you don’t know what to expect. So if you want to try the water in the wine-drinker’s pool, follow along and we’ll stick our toes in together. 🙂

I will try to describe wines in ways one can actually understand; the way I would want someone to tell me. If I sound like an idiot, let me know, you won’t be the first or probably the last. Please, if you try or have tried any of my selections leave a comment letting us all know what you thought. Feel free to use sophisticated language like bouquet and “tobacco notes.” We’ll all try to follow along as best we can. Finally, if you have any suggestions definately send them my way, either through email or comments. The only requirement is to try to keep them under $20, cause, baby, some of us don’t have the wine budget we’d like.

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