Beyond Merlot: Ted the Mule Syrah Grenache Blend

August 12th, 2008 by katie

Beyond Merlot: Wine Reviews for Newbies

I am typically not a fan of Syrah (or Shiraz-same wine different name, FYI). It almost always falls into the “too bitey” category for me, with a peppery kick in the throat that I find unpleasant. The wine guy and I have talked about this and apparently that’s white pepper, whereas I prefer the black peppery flavors such as those in Red Zinfandels. However, lately I have had several french wines composed of a blend of Syrah and Grenache (another wine I don’t typically drink, this one because it is too weak). To my surprise, I have enjoyed the results. Turns out the soft, sweet fruitiness of the Grenache balances the concentrated, spiciness of the Syrah and results in a balanced, fruity, easy drinking wine.

At $6-$9 a bottle, the Ted the Mule Syrah Grenache is very good and very affordable. Originally I bought it for cooking and while it made a mean Sirloin, I was impressed by how smooth the taste was. At $6 a bottle I would be forgiving of many sins, however it turns out to be a very nice wine-fruity and smoky with just a hint of dry spice.

Ted the Mule Red Wine

Sorry it’s been so long, wine is expensive! I’ve been trying to focus on under $10 bottles lately. Do you have any recommendations? Email me at Katie at chaosinthekitchen dot com.

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  1. Andy

    Thanks for the recommendation – I don’t know anything about wines. My girlfriend took a serious wine tasting class and I’ve been trying to get her to do some guest posts on it, but she hasn’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll keep an eye out for this.

    That’s what Beyond Merlot is for. Getting into wines can be kind of tricky, I still hate the thought of buying an unknown bottle. -Katie

  2. noble pig

    I have seen this label around and get a kick out of it. I’ll have to pick up a bottle or two and try it out.

    Thanks for the lovely wine post, you know I love that!

  3. Margie


    Saw your response on Bossy & just wanted to say hi. Couldn’t find your email on her. It is not at all cliche- but rather good that you are aware of it and recognize it for what is. I spent way too many years as a young mother trying to “muscle through” episodes on my own. Feel like I lost a lot of time doing this. Have since learned to be more self aware, gauge my moods and make the appropriate adjustments- meds sometimes included. You are not alone though and not a cliche at all!

    Thank you Margie for your thoughtful and kind comments, but I think ballerina toes needs them right now. Luckily, my response to bossy’s question was that I am grateful that everyone around me seems to be healthy right now. -Katie

  4. Tim

    My wife and I picked up a couple bottles of this wine for about $6 each – we really love this wine! Not only is it inexpensive, it has a very clean yet spicy finish. The red fruits are present on the nose and entry. This is a smooth wine with soft tannins. This one is an everyday drinker for us…

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