Burgers with Brie, Caramelized Onions, and Horseradish Mayo

August 12th, 2009 by katie

I love burgers.  I love them fully loaded and sandwiched inside soft, bakery rolls.  We tried experimenting with some new flavors recently.  I asked the deli to slice a round of brie and picked up some tangy horseradish and onion mayo.  The burgers were pretty standard-salt, pepper and a little Worcestershire sauce-to which mrChaos added a good dose of dried thyme.  On top was a nice pile of slowly caramelized red and yellow onions, tomatoes and romaine.  Overall, pretty delicious.

We’re on vacation!  I have a couple of guest posts scheduled for next week while I am gone, but otherwise I’ll see you in two weeks when I am sufficiently tanned and relaxed.  I’ll be checking in from time to time so don’t hesitate to drop me a note-especially if you can recommend some good eats on Oahu!-and be sure to show my awesome guest posters some love.  Finally, have a great time wrapping up your summer while we’re gone-school starts when we get back so it’ll be back to Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts.  See you then.

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  1. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Katie I checked with a friend Maria on one of my foodie boards. She used to live in Hawaii and visits her in-law there often. Recommendations:

    Sam Choy’s – http://www.samchoy.com/restaurants_bigaloha.html – Breakfast, Lunch and Crab

    L&L Drive Inn – http://www.hawaiianbarbecue.com/about.html
    Hawaiian BBQ “fast food”, katsudon, laulau, kalua pork – various locations

    The Willows- http://www.willowshawaii.com/
    buffet, but really really good! Always fresh (much like Cinzetti’s, just with Hawaiian Food) (not fast food, wear nice clothes)

    Kua ‘Aina Sandwich Shop in Haleiwa (North Shore) for great burgers http://www.yelp.com/biz/kua-aina-sandwich-shop-haleiwa-2

    Boots & Kimo’s Hawaiian Kitchen – http://www.myalohavibe.com/boots-kimos/ – Ok, I’m putting this here with caution. When I went, the food was great, I don’t recall any issues with service, but then I was with locals and when I’m in Hawaii, I run on and go with “Island Time”. However, the trip advisor reviews were horrible, so whether they service really has degraded or it’s pretty much a locals only shop and you’ve got tourists expecting “tourists sensitive customer service” I don’t know.

    But if they go, they have to try the macadamia nut sauce.

    I don’t eat sushi, but my in-laws do.I believe that often go to Genki. Zippy’s is quick and good diner food. Harpo’s Pizza at Pearl City Mall and Patty’s at various locations are decent quick take outs.

    When my husband comes online I’ll ask him if he has any more recommendations.

    Hope this helps,

    So there you go! Hope that helps! Enjoy your vacation!

    Lisa and Maria, thanks so much! That’s exactly the sort of info I was looking for! -Katie

  2. nita scot

    I’m drooling!!! That looks so delicious, I just wanna take a big old bite outta that. Yummy!!! Have fun on your vacay

  3. Melissa

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation Katie!!

  4. Mrs. L

    I tried to post a photo of my latest burger and it pales in comparison to your photo. Awesome!

    Have a great trip and good eats!

  5. sweetbird

    First, have fun on vacation!

    Second, I’ve been on a horseradish kick for the last week and this looks amazing.

    Can’t wait until you’re back for some more tasty eats!

  6. Tim

    Damn that looks delicious. Since you’re looking for new burger variations, you may appreciate the inspiration that the Cheese & Burger Society have to offer. I wouldn’t visit on an empty stomach, though.

    Have a great trip, by the way!

  7. Colleen

    This looks delicious! Perfect flavors for a burger.

  8. My First Kitchen

    Horseradish? Brie? On a burger? You are a genius. I’m tempted to give you my first kid.

  9. marguerite

    That looks delicious!!!

  10. Cookie

    WOW! This is some seriously good combination! I can’t wait to try the horseradish mayo!

  11. Ashleigh

    This look soo good! I’ve never thought of a burger with brie but it sounds delicious!

  12. oneshotbeyond

    this sounds fascinating!

  13. heidileon

    oh, you don’t know how much I’ve been craving for a burgerrrr. If possible, I would eat yours right from the screen! it looks hamburguerlicious 🙂

  14. kris

    this burger sounds explicit 🙂 im gonna try this some time pretty excited for the next time i make burgers

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