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January 23rd, 2010 by katie

Things might be quiet on the homepage for a bit (and in your feed readers if you haven’t stopped by in awhile).  I have been making some of our old family favorites lately and taking the opportunity to update their photos. 

Also, I have been experimenting with posting Nutritional Facts on some of my older recipes as well.  I use these recipes often and am constantly recalculating the nutritional facts for myself, so I decided to just add them to the recipes once and for all so they are available to anyone who is interested.

Unfortunately the labels don’t appear quite right in Internet Explorer.  Since I post recipes on chaos in the kitchen for myself but also for you, what do you think?  Do you like having the Nutrition Facts labels?  Even if they don’t look quite right?  And could you let me know which browser you favor and how they appear on your screen?

Below are two recently update recipes and photos, both with Nutrition Facts labels included. 

My favorite healthy soup: Stuffed Pepper Soup.

And everybody in my house loves this quick meal: Chicken or Pork Stir Fry

Thank you so much to anybody who can help!

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19 Responses

  1. Elysabeth

    I definitely appreciate nutrition facts — we have been members of Weight Watchers for a year (and lost about 120 lbs, collectively!), and knowing what we’re eating makes things a LOT easier.

    Thanks for all you do/create.


  2. G Bailey

    I use Foxfire–the labels appear correctly and are nice.

  3. Jennifer

    I use Google Chrome for my browser, and the nutrition information looks great. Its addition is much appreciated.

    Also, how do you calculate the nutritional information? I’ve been using a clunky system, and since I’m going back to calorie counting, I need to find something that works a bit better. Thanks!

    If you look at the right-hand sidebar there is a link for “Nutrition Facts via Calorie Count.” Calorie Count is a free online program that provides nutritional information, exercise programs and support. There are many similar websites, another one of my favorites is Nutrition Data. Good Luck! -Katie

  4. Alia

    I also use Firefox, and the labels look just fine to me. While I don’t know that I will use the nutrition information myself, I think it’s great that you’re putting it up for those who do want that info. Thanks!

  5. Christina

    I use Firefox and it looks fine on my computer.

  6. Alison @ Hospitality Haven

    I just found your blog now, but I took a look, and they nutrition facts don’t seem to look strange on mine? I have IE and it seemed good. I like the idea of having that as some people really need to be aware of what’s in their food. Great blog! I look forward to checking in more often.

  7. Amy

    I use Firefox and the label looks great. I am on weight watchers as well, and I really appreciate having the nutrition facts. Great job!

  8. Scorpio Woman

    I like to see the nutrition facts. I also use Calorie Count and I like to analyse a recipe before doing it to see if it fits in my calories. I use Firefox and it appears fine.

  9. Amy from She Wears Many Hats

    Great idea! Will check out the link you provided.

  10. Chantal

    I have recently started posting nutrition facts for all my recipes as well. I too hate recalculating them every time. Its easier for me and I hope it helps others as well. Mine are a bit less sophisticated however, I just type them out. But I definitely appreciate that you post them.. it saves me time when choosing recipes from other blogs. Thanks for being health conscious! 🙂

  11. Katie

    YES post the nutritional facts. That makes my life so much easier since I’m on a restricted calorie diet. I’m sure there are plenty of others out there that are in my same shoes. I use Safari and the information shows up just fine.

  12. DailyChef

    Love the nutritional info! Looks good on Firefox, as others have said…

  13. Mary K.

    I think the labels look great. I am using Firefox though, so that might be the difference. Thank you for your hard work! I love your blog and follow you religiously and now all my friends to as well.

  14. Sally K

    I don’t use nutrition facts. I’m old enough that when I started cooking they weren’t available and I’ve never learned to depend on them. I think they’ve been available for maybe the last 50 years — and we haven’t gotten slimmer or healthier in those 50 years. A useless tool as far as I’m concerned! But that’s just my 2¢ worth!

  15. Unplanned Cooking

    I don’t use the nutrition facts, but looks fine on Safari.

  16. Mae @ OhhMay

    The nutrition label looks fine on my browser as well. Do you use a print screen from nutrition or calorie Those have been my two go-to calculators for nutrition labels on the blog.
    Calorie coun’t is mor user friendly but less in depth, nutrition data takes longer but breaks down all of the micro nutrients and does an amino acid profile.

  17. Biz

    OMG, have you gotten your next issue of Bon Appetit?? The cover story is a short rib grilled cheese. Yum!!

  18. Reagan

    Mozilla Firefox- and the labels are perfect!

    I like having them, personally. Even thought I don’t advocate obsessing over them, it is just plain good to know what’s going in your body!

  19. sweetbird

    As you know, I’m a big fan of the nutrition facts. I might have to copy you and get the traditional box style display for it.

    Love it! Keep it up!

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