End of Summer Strawberry Salad

August 16th, 2008 by katie

Strawberry Salad

I have never been a “fruit in the salad” kind of girl. Salads are made of vegetables and fruit ingredients seem inappropriate and somewhat suspect. I was surprised and excited then to try this colorful salad at my grandparents’ house. Simply consisting of greens, strawberries, and pecans with a light splash of sweet onion dressing it was delicious and refreshing. I have craved it since leaving their house. I finally got the opportunity to make it and it was just as I remembered: slightly sweet with a nice light, tang from the dressing, over cold, crisp salad greens. I have some directions below, but not a concrete recipe. Make as much or as little as you’d like and vary the amounts til you’re satisfied.

Strawberry Salad

prep 10 minutes
  • Several cups of chopped salad greens, I used a combination of romaine and iceberg lettuce for crunch and because that’s all I had, Sunny recommended spinach as well
  • Sliced strawberries
  • A few tbsp pecans, chopped-I toasted mine as well, thinking there would be a huge flavor difference but there really wasn’t.
  • Sweet Onion Dressing

I chopped everything beforehand and stored them all separately in the fridge then tossed the salad with a couple tablespoons of dressing before serving. My Aunt mentioned that she often makes up a large version of this to take to potlucks. It is easy to store and put together, but quite impressive and different. Thank you again, Sunny, for introducing me to such a delightful, easy salad. I will make it regularly.

We have made this salad over and over!  Our latest version is made with a balsamic vinaigrette and mint, check it out. What’s your favorite salad recipe? Are you afraid of fruit in your salads?

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4 Responses

  1. noble pig

    I am a fruit in the salad girl and this looks wonderful! Thanks for reminding me to add fruit when possible!

    I’ve got another fruit one coming up: green apples and dried cranberries! -Katie

  2. jancd

    I made this salad for my church’s soup and salad luncheon today and there wasn’t a drop left!! I even added a fresh peach with it, too. I only had a purple onion, and I mixed the salad dressing in my food processor. It turns a lovely light pink from the onion. It was very good. I used a little less sugar than the recipe, but everyone seemed to devour it. Thanks for the recipe. Jan

    You are so welcome Jan! I am glad everyone liked it, that seems to be the overwhelming reaction! -Katie

  3. amy

    This is also good with blueberries,pineapple tidbits, mandarin oranges and a light poppyseed dressing!

  4. jackie

    We serve this with a poppyseed dressing, either homemade or store bought works also

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