Moms Deserve the Perfect Cup: A Mother’s Day Giveaway from Nespresso! {closed}

May 7th, 2013 by katie

Congratulations Suzanne!  Please check your email for further information.  Thank you all and I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Being a Mom can be tough.  Heck, life is tough.  And then you became a Mom.  One of my favorite moments in the day is the quiet bit after everyone is off to school or tucked into bed and I get to enjoy a few minutes all to myself.  It is my chance to do something just for me-to reset and unwind.  I brew my favorite espresso, gently froth some milk and honey, and crack open my feed reader for some serious me time.  It never fails to leave me with a honey foam mustache and a “Mmmmm, that’s good” exhale.  I sit in the garden and watch this or this and suddenly I am me again.   In honor of all the Moms out there who wrangle, cajole, nag, and work wonders daily,  Nespresso would like to giveaway one U Pure Cream machine and an Aeroccino Plus milk frother to the coffee lover in your life (is it you?). 

Courtesy of Nespresso, I have this machine and I love it.  The engineering is intuitive and gorgeous, the coffees are velvety and rich, and I can froth milk at the touch of a button (hot or cold! How cool is that??).  You will also receive a tasting box of each of their 16 Grand Cru coffees to experiment with.  If you have a serious coffee lover in your life then this is the package for them.  I have been so  impressed by the way Nespresso cultivates each coffee experience by engaging all of the senses-including the sense of euphoria experienced when one encounters truly excellent customer service.    

The giveaway will run until 12:00pm noon CST this Mother’s Day, Sunday 5/12/13.  At that time, our friend the random number generator will choose one commentor as the winner.  And since my Mom is pretty much my only subscriber (and I bought her this exact same setup for her birthday so she’s out of the running) you have a great chance to win!  To enter, leave a comment below telling us how you plan to spend this Sunday whether it be with a Mom, as a Mom, or maybe treating yourself to your favorite “me time” activity.  You can also come back and comment again for a Tweet, Pin, or Facebook share.  Please be sure to include a working email address that you check regularly so that I can reach you for congratulations and shipping information.

We all deserve a perfect coffee moment.  My coffee experience of choice is my decaf honey latte: two Decaffeinato Intenso capsules topped with milk and honey frothed together in the Aeroccino+.  It is creamy, slightly sweet with an intense coffee and subtly cocoa flavor.  Also, the Nespresso U machine is fully automatic which means you won’t ruin your perfect moment by having to clean out a coffee pot.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as a Nespresso Club Blogger.  All opinions are my own.

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57 Responses

  1. Corynne O.

    As a new mom, I will be spending my Mother’s Day hoping that my 1-month-old sleeps as long and soundly as possible. Might even sneak in a visit with my own mom if the little guy will allow it!

  2. Jessica K.

    Since I’m the mother of a two year old and a newborn, I am hoping for some “me time” on Sunday. Coffee will definitely be involved! After that, my husband & kids are taking me to the Botanic Gardens. So looking forward to it!

  3. Teri

    I will spend my Mother’s Day with my daughter and later go out to dinner with my aunt and her family… <3 :)

  4. Kelly D

    My family will be visiting my parent’s house for lunch on Mother’s day.

  5. Kelly D


  6. Carol

    I will be talking on the phone with my out of state children and grandchildren–having recently returned from visits with them all. Otherwise, relaxing and reading–with a cup of coffee.

  7. Linda

    I only see my mom a few times a year since she lives abroad. This year will be the first Mother’s Day in many years we get to spend together. I plan on spoiling her with a spa pedicure, flowers and a home cooked meal.

  8. Kathryn Louise

    Not sure how I will be spending mothers day

  9. May B.

    I will be spending the day at a repertory theatre commemorating Janis Joplin. Fun!

  10. kimt

    I will be spending mothers day with my daughter and family….relaxing…eatting…and maybe a little golf!

  11. Leanna

    I will be flying back from California where I hope to have signed a lease on a new house for my family. Adventures await us!

  12. Glenda Melvin

    I will spend this Mother’s day attending church services with my husband and my mother. Afterwards we will go for a nice brunch together and share cards, gifts and memories. My children all live in other states but we will Skype and talk on the phone. Winning this would be a perfect ending to a perfect day. We both love our coffee!

  13. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    I tell you one thing I’m not doing on Mother’s Day….COOKING! It’s one of my few rare days off. We are going out to dinner with Mom and my brothers. I will be making desserts though. I can’t help myself, lol. My Mom is the coffee lover in the family, so this giveaway made me think of her!

  14. Randi Lynne

    Early mother’s day celebration this weekend. Away from mother’s next Sunday.

  15. Suzanne

    I will be spending quality time with my two boys while my husband is at work.

  16. Lahonna

    I will be traveling three hours to go visit my two grown kids and let them spoil me however they feel fit! Because they own a business, they’re not free to go anywhere this time of year…so MOM is coming to them!

  17. Robyn

    My sister and I are making a big brunch for my mother… and of course continuing on in a family tradition of fun activities… nothing says “happy mothers day” quite like a pinata!

  18. Gina Guthrie

    I am taking my mother to Temecula, CA for a day of wine tasting. And I have a delicious picnic spread planned too.

  19. Elaine


  20. nancy

    As an old established Mom of many years I plan on going to our favorite fishing pond with all my kids and their mates to relax. My 2 year old granddaughter is learning to fish. Those days I just sit back and thank God for all I have .

  21. Cecile

    My family & I will be visiting my mother’s grave on Sunday. Sadly she passed away in Sept 2012 -this is our first Mother’s Day without her. Afterwards, we’ll all go out for a nice luncheon.

  22. Juan Torrez

    Well, Im not a mom because Im of course not a woman however I would be considered the mom in my family as it is an alternative family. I would of course be spending my mothers day with my child who I adopted and will be telling him stories of my mom and what she was best known for.

  23. sara

    I will be in Washington, D.C. at a friend’s wedding! :)

  24. Angela Y

    We will be having lunch with my mom and the whole family.

  25. Angela Y

    I pinned about the giveaway.

  26. Angela Y

    My tweet

  27. Jennie

    I am a mom of a 2 year old and 4 year old, both girls! This mother’s day I will be working a 12 hour shift as an RN at a hospice unit. The only mother’s day I have ever actually spent with my kids and not working was when I was on maternity leave :( But we’ll be trying to make the most of Saturday.

  28. Jennie

    Pinned it!

  29. Stacy C.

    I have two daughters in college. They told me they have a Mother’s Day surprise for me…so I don’t know what ill be doing. I’m just happy to be spending time with them!!!!

  30. Debbie Jones

    First up for coffee with my hubby, then my grandson is being baptized and then out to lunch with my MOM and the family. What a wonderfully full day!

  31. Toni

    I’m seeing my Mom on Saturday for a lunch with some family. I’m pregnant with my first and her first grand baby and I haven’t seen my Mom since I started showing so we are going to have fun talking about baby stuff! I think Sunday I will relax with my baby and maybe write him a letter.

  32. Toni


  33. Jane Nelson

    Katie, I’ve visited your blog many times but this inspired me to comment. LOL. Your blog is so beautiful and professional and has great ideas. Tell Addie her recipes are awesome too. As “new” moms of only a few years (and grandmoms for that long too, since Deb and I had the great good fortune to adopt our wonderful daughter, Jen, whom we helped raise) we are still gettting to know the thrill of being part of Mother’s Day. Jen, Deb, me and my 83 year old mom are going to have a “girls only” dinner together to celebrate our special day. Hope you have a great one!(And that I get lucky with Nespresso’s cool machine!)

  34. Sarah Cool

    Well, we got married the day before Mother’s Day last year, so THIS year it is our Anniversary, and we’ll be on vacation! But we are having flowers sent to our mothers, and plan to call them. :) :)

  35. Sarah Cool

    Pinned this link! :)

  36. Amy L

    I will spend Mother’s Day with my husband and youngest daughter. Strangely, my son and older daughter are BOTH traveling out of the country, so they won’t be here for Mother’s Day :(
    I’ll relax, not have to cook, and maybe take a drive to the country.

  37. Amy L

    I tweeted

  38. Amy L

    I shared this on facebook!/amy.l.leach/posts/10200535486504017

  39. Christina Y.

    I will spend mother’s day morning with my husband and two sons. I won’t have to cook or clean because my kids are always so thoughtful and will probably tell dad to do it. :)

  40. Kim P

    I will be doing the usual coupon cutting and napping after church.

  41. Carolyn G

    We will be taking my MIL out for an early dinner

  42. Lori

    I am such a lucky mom to have both of my college age kids home on Sunday!!!! My daughter has an internship in Houston all summer so I will be cherishing this rare treat when both kids will be home in CA.

  43. Bebe

    I will be spending the weekend in NYC with my husband and all three of my kids! Can’t wait!

  44. Hugh

    Sunday will start out with cheering mom on through her half-marathon. Afterwards, rumor has it from the kids that we are making a double layer cake for mom along with dinner. Should turn out to be a nice day for all.

  45. Melodie

    My hope is that we will be planting flowers after I get a nice long run in. Colorado please bring nice weather Sunday!

  46. Melodie

    I just Facebooked this link:

  47. Shanelle

    Every mother’s day, my mom, her sister and my 3 cousins (all moms) head down to Ocean City, MD for a week of relaxation minus kids and husbands! It’s pure awesome.

  48. Shannon A.

    This is my first mother’s day in the US…I’ve lived in Malaysia for the past 2 years in order to adopt my daughter Lily. I’m excited to go to church and stand with the rest of the mothers and praise God for giving me such a beautiful gift as her!!

  49. Michele Butterworth

    I am spending our special day with our family – my stroke victim husband, both our sons and their families. We love you and all you do for us. Keep up the good work and win, win, win it all for you deserve it.

  50. Haley M

    I have 2 little boys and a 3rd baby on the way. Hoping to sleep in and not have to cook dinner or do laundry!!! :-) would absolutely LOVE a Nespresso machine too!

  51. mary jane

    Going to see Iron Man 3 and out to dinner and I will have a frappacino type cool drink..even though it is suppose to be raining..Daughter is in NYC and will phone her early, she adores good coffee..I would love to win this coffee machine, I understand it is an excellent making coffee machine..luv your blog, happy mothers day early! Ciao

  52. rachel

    This will be my first mother’s day without seeing my mom (we’ve moved too far away to pop home for a visit). So it’ll be bittersweet!

  53. joes

    My mom, who is 80, will be visiting my wife and I for a few days. We are looking forward to a peaceful, restful time. Now, if the the kids and grand kids come our experience will be quite different!

  54. MANDA

    I will be calling my mom.

  55. Erica

    I will call my mom.

  56. BillieH

    I will be spending the day taking it easy and the evening with my daughter and son-in-law. My son is out of town, but we will speak during the day.

  57. Biz

    Hope you had a great Momma Day Katie! Hugs!

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