August 13th, 2010 by katie

Calzones are a great way to get your pizza fix in a single portion, lunch appropriate way.  Just imagine heating up your Hot Pocket at work, except instead of a tasteless, processed filling wrapped in “dough” you have a homemade pizza crust filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables.  Or pastrami, kraut, and swiss.  Chicken, wing sauce, and blue cheese?  If you can dream it, you can stuff your calzone with it.

You start any great calzone with pizza or bread dough.  Pinch off your dough into small balls and roll out to make circles about 6 inches accross (or smaller or larger depending on your preference).  Layer one half of each circle with meats, cheeses, and vegetables of your choice-with a little sauce or dessing if desired.  Then fold over the other side of the circle and seal the edges the way you would a pie crust.  Brush each calzone all over with a beaten egg and sprinkle with a flavor enhancer of your choice: parmesan cheese, sesame seeds, garlic powder, etc..  Bake at 475°F either on a pizza stone or a baking sheet for approximately 15 min or until golden brown.  If you use a baking sheet, remove them to a wire rack to cool.

Once calzones are cool, serve or wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate or freeze.  You can reheat calzones from frozen in the microwave or in the oven.  Here are some additional tips:

  1. The baking time for your calzone will not be long enough to cook meats through so cook all meat before hand if necessary.  Likewise large pieces of hardy vegetables will not have enough time to get tender so consider chopping them very finely or cooking them partially beforehand. 
  2. Some vegetables, like mushrooms and spinach release lots of liquid and/or cook down to almost nothing when heated.  Consider cooking these beforehand so that you can drain off most of the liquid (and not wind up with a soggy calzone) and make sure your amount of filling is adequate (and not wind up with an empty calzone). 
  3. Slices or blocks of cheese are much easier to control when forming calzones, I would avoid shredded cheese if possible. 
  4. When adding sauces and dressings try to make or use fairly thick ones that won’t run all over your dough.  If the edges around your filling get too wet from your sauce you will have trouble making them stick.  If you must use a very runny sauce, like wing sauce, toss the other ingredients in the sauce before adding them to the dough, this will give the sauce more surface area to cling to. 

Do you have any calzone tips or favorite fillings?

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10 Responses

  1. Michelle

    Gorgeous shot of the calzones. Makes me want to have some right now for breakfast.

  2. Stacy

    This sounds delish! I’m like Michelle…makes me want one for breakfast as well!

  3. sweetbird

    How in the world do you make a picture of calzones on parchment paper look so sexy?

  4. Kiriel

    I used to simply get whatever vegetables I had around the house and throw them through the shredder of the food processor altogether. Somehow they just always ended up working, and became a staple food of my lean and ever-hungry boyfriend.

  5. Memoria

    These calzoni look fantastic.

  6. marina

    I love a good calzone. My favorite calzone comes from a place called Spinato’s. It’s a family-owned place with a few locations in the Phoenix area. They dare to defy all the carb police west of the Mississipi with their “spaghetti, meatballs and ricotta stuffed calzone” – yes, the spaghetti is on the inside, not too wet, but with flavorful sauce to dip it in. Really. It is amazing. And I can’t go there anymore. It’s too addictive. But maybe I will make one at home “for the fam!”

    Wow. Just wow. -K

  7. Lars

    I just made these last night for my husband and I. Girl. You made me hit it out of the ballpark! These are the single best things I’ve made for my husband (his words).

    I *heart* your site!

  8. Sarah

    I’ve never had a calzone but this makes me want to try one RIGHT NOW! Granted it is 3am so I’ll settle for having them for dinner tomorrow 😛

  9. Amy

    I’m thinking chicken bacon ranch…Yum!

  10. sport

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    but this article is in fact a pleasant paragrap?,
    keep it up.

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