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October 8th, 2008 by katie

Yes these delicate little baby herbs are the ones I’m talking about. That’s basil, parsley, and cilantro and they are not long for this world. I say that because they arrive at my house every year: bright eyed and full of promise. Something happens though and before long they are brown and shriveled and I’m back to buying fresh herbs at the grocery store. It’s sad and I mourn them every time, swearing never again. But I can’t help myself, when I see them they call to me, fresh herbs! fresh herbs at every meal! I cave and bring them home, whispering sweet, empty promises into their fragrant leaves.

So how about this year we keep them alive? Not just alive but thriving! Keep me in fresh herbs throughout the year. I’m going to need your help; I don’t know what kind of care they need. I don’t have a garden so I need to know how to take care of them in a pot/pots. Do I need to put them outside? Can I keep them inside? How much sunlight? Water? Any green thumbs out there who can help me?

Email me at katie at chaosinthekitchen dot com or share your tips in the comments section below and let’s talk about how to keep these babies alive.

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  1. silver

    Why not ask people to post tips in the comments? Some of your readers need help keeping plants alive, too, you know.

    Great point, I am hoping the gardeners will share their tips in the comments. I am also hoping someone who really wants to hold my hand will email me and then I can share our success with you all. -Katie

  2. noble pig

    I always kill mine too…I hope they work for you.

  3. Mrs. L

    Raising hand to join the “I always kill mine too” club. There must be a herb hero out there to help us!

  4. Aggie

    Hi there! I have killed many many herbs but have a sweet little grandpa who has bushes and bushes of fresh herbs (among other things) to replenish mine. This year though, I did good. I found that with the basil, direct sunlight was not good. My best basil grew right by my front door, under the over hang but close enough to the sun to get it’s warmth. Just don’t leave it in the direct sun b/c the leaves will turn yellow. Keep it watered too…you can tell when the dirt starts to dry out. Also, the more you cut it the more it will grow!
    My cilantro and parsley did great in the sun in my backyard…same rules apply, just keep checking the dirt for dryness. This summer I probably had to water them almost everyday, but now that it isn’t as hot out you can probably get away with 2 times a week. (I’m not sure where you live, I’m down in FL so it’s always hot out!)

    I’m not a professional gardener but I’m learning along the way…hope this helps! Also…bigger pots might help too! Good luck!! It’s so much nicer to have your own selection of herbs than having to spend the money on the grocery ones!

  5. katy

    I grew parsley on my windowsill this year by just watering it about twice a week when the soil was dry, along with a few drops of miracle grow. Leave them in the sun, but don’t let the soil dry out — that’s my only advice!

  6. Kelly from Almost Frugal Food

    Or you could just use it all before they have a chance to die!!

  7. Andy

    I don’t really have any advice, but I am trying to grow some herbs indoors for the winter. So far they seem to be doing pretty well, but my window doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. Also, thyme I found requires very little maintenance, it just grows really well.

  8. Jancd

    Glad to see that you’re up and about.

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